Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today's Milling Experiment

I successfully milled a 30 degree diagonal to use as a base for milling this:

Fig. 1 
And why oh why do I want this?  In the manufacturing of one particular part for ScopeRoller, I have a part with this cross section:

Fig. 2 

 I need to drll and tap a hole in the top, and trying to get this part in the jaws of the drill press vise and level on top is a pain.  The thought is to drop this part in the first block, to get it level on top:

Fig. 3
You are probably wondering why I didn't just put a flat top block in a tilting table and mill vise at a 60 degree angle, and then run an end mill across the top face.  The mill vise that fits into the tilting table does not have enough clamping force to hold acetal in place while milling even a light cut across it.  The big ugly drill press vise that I have squared and maimed to fit on the table does hold acetal quite well, and with the 30 degree support under it, making the part in Fig. 1 was pretty easy.

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