Monday, November 2, 2015

Media Bias Against Guns?

What makes you think that?  Is it headlines like this that completely contradict the article?
If you can't read the article, it is about a womn who drove into a crowd.   No guns.  As NRA-ILA points out:
There is little doubt that such bias is a primary reason that trust in the media continues to diminish.  While this bias routinely shows up in local and national news coverage in all manner of form, missing the distinction between shooting a firearm and driving a car is a new one on us. 


JohnG said...

Well, the evidence is that she gunned the engine, so naturally....

Unknown said...

Not mass media, but still:
Heading category is "guns" article title is "rampage killers".
One used no guns, the other was not a rampage killing.