Tuesday, April 13, 2021

What Entertains Me

Reactions of tourists to America.  A number of YouTube videos are tourists visiting America.  One was an Australian couple going into a Wal-Mart and being flabbergasted by the number of Cheetos variants, of different spices.  I guess Down Under there are Cheetos generic and that is it.

A number of videos are synthesized voice readings of Reddit discussions of WTF moments.  People carrying guns will not surprise you. 

Some are just sad.  One guy describes picking up two Russian gals at the airport in 1990 just after the Soviet Union fell.  On the way from the airport here stopped for gas and had them come into the convenience store in case they were hungry.  But they refused to get anything.   He later found out they thought it was a museum of food.

As you might expect many of the WTFs are food or shopping related, sometimes with some hyperbolic humor.  A Dutch guy describing a small pizza as being what he would think of as a large pizza; a medium pizza as a family sized pizza; and a large pizza would not fit into his country.  Another described visiting a Wal-Mart in Maine where the far floor and ceiling met at the horizon!

One guy visited Portland.  He had always wondered why the background conversations in Grand Theft Auto made no sense.  After meeting Portlandia's homeless, he now understood.

One Briton was startled by San Francisco's homeless population.  Not that Britain does not have homeless people, but at least they have legs!  Apparently in S.F. many do not.

Size of America and our homes and cars was also a source of WTFs.  One guy recounted getting up at 7:00 AM in Beaumont, Texas, and driving until 9:00 PM and still being in Texas.


  1. When my brother and I were refurbishing the house we own together, we were at Home Depot to buy either some bathroom faucet fixtures or kitchen faucet fixtures. His wife, who had lived in Romania until she was sixteen years old came along, I think to be bossy and get the project moving to completion. She was astonished by the selection of faucets just on display. "In Romania they just have one choice." I didn't have the heart to tell her that there were additional choices you had to order online. She pretty much left things up to us after that.

  2. I live in a college town and we meet lots of foreigners who are for a short time studying here.

    Almost everyone of them, but especially the Europeans are greatly amused by the size of our mayonnaise jars.

    Apparently their practice is to go to the grocery almost ever day and buy it is very small quantities.