Tuesday, April 6, 2021

What All States Should Do

4/6/21 Inside Higher Education reports (unsurprisingly ) that employers really want people with liberal arts degrees.  Employers under 40 want more evidence of community involvement and practical application (burning down federal buildings?).  They contrast this with 3/17/21 First Coast News about Florida is discussing reducing financial aid for students majoring in fields that have limited job opportunities.  Students are complaining that this, "would toy with their ability to attend school for their passions and interests."  Not toying with but not wasting money on education in degrees such as "gender studies" and "gay studies" that lead to jobs at Starbucks. 

The Inside Higher Education article points to a 2018 Gallup survey that found an unusually larger drop in confidence in the highest education system.  Can you imagine that or why?

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