Wednesday, April 7, 2021

New Laptop

The Lenovo X140E works well but video editing running Brave Thunderbird Access Word and Excel pushes the limits of a quad core processor and 16GB of RAM.  I am looking at a Lenovo 128GB RAM 1TB SSD hexcore.  128GB so Windows 28 will not over stress its RAM capacity.  I really like the 14" screen I have now.  Yes it is a slight pain to use, but the package size makes it very easy to use on an airplane tray table (whenever that starts to happen again).  The 15" or (15.6" screens to be precise) take up more space admittedly with an easier to read screen.  Also, the 14" models seem to not have either 64GB or 128GB RAM available.  They also have the higher resolution UHD or 4K (not quite identical but close).  I do not know if any of my monitors can even get close to that.  But if I can get my Word document and a 20th century newspaper front page legible on one screen it might be worth going to a 4K monitor for office use.

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