Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wave Power

 My father was keen on using the power of waves to generate electricity.  I see that others are now working on this.


  1. Years ago I friend came into a room from being outdoors in a storm. Someone in the room said, "Quick, get out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold."
    Another friend, Dr. Jim, replied, "Being wet or setting in a draft doesn't cause colds. Germs cause colds. If everyone would just wash their hands twice as often, we could cut down the number of colds and flus by 90%."

  2. I recall reading a lot about it in "Popular Science" magazine in the 1970s, and in projects I've noticed since then the hurdle every project encounters is storms that destroy all the equipment such that recovery from the storm is essentially starting again from worse-than-nothing, as the debris needs to be cleared first.

    From the quote in the linked article "So far, the wave energy field is filled with small companies picking off small amounts of government funding where they can." I'd suggest that the current action is more 'grant farming' than serious research.