Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Telescope Garage Slab

Just about any task that pays well involves more than materials.   Watching these guys put down the shed slab is a reminder that some things cannot be ordered on Amazon and that the people who work with their hands who the Democrats hate so much deserve respect, not contempt. 

I have never watched this process before.  Pour

Sliding across to get an even height.
Smoothing the surface by pushing the big chunks under or to the side.


  1. I don't see any rebar in the slab forms area!. Other wise, as a former Meridian resident, my best to you! A bit of envy for you as I'm not there any more.

    1. The loads it will handle are not severe. As Albert Speer discovered after WW2, not using rebar in the hopes of making 1000-year Reich building last as long as Roman buildings by not using rebar (which eventually rusts) made the buildings not strong enough as bombing targets.