Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Ghost Guns

Biden's BATF is proposing changes to make 80% receivers into firearms with all the manufacturer licensing and transfer rules that this entails.  The Reload has more details. 

It appears that their target is can you convert a part into a receiver in 8 hours in a fully equipped machine shop?  I have a 0% AR-15 receiver (a block of 6061 aluminum).  I wonder how long before the files exist to make this into a full receiver?  On my mill it would be many days, so my 0% receiver is safe.  

But the time is coming when you will be able to find all the files to make every part but the barrel.  (The little parts such as triggers, sears, and  other fire control parts are pretty easy on a small mill.)  For rifles that would be a problem.   An unrifled submachine gun might be quite effective in urban revolutionary activity.

3D printers still seem to be safe.


  1. Bolt together reciever.
    I can neither confirm nor deny that they work, but it was a fun build.

  2. And here I though you had to go back to bauxite ore to be 0%

    The bits I had a chance to look through made it look like rules would be so vague as to have two, three, or possibly more receivers per assembled firearm. What a mess!

    Of course, if they draw the line at 8 hours, The Home Despot is now a gun shop. Heck,if you can find an outlet near the drill presses, you could probably build a shotgun before someone in an orange apron asks you to leave.

  3. By the 8 hr definition, 3D printer raw materials would qualify as a "firearm"

  4. This whole thing is kind of pointless. A skilled person with a full machine shop is going to be able to produce a fire arm. If they are inclined to do it illegally then what is to stop them?

    This is strikes me along the lines of expecting felons to submit to background checks when buying guns.

  5. Barrels are now doable - there's even a kit for rifling your own barrel via and electrical process. Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM) -