Friday, September 4, 2015

LGBT Activists Reveal Their True Nature

It is an article of faith among liberals that gay people are just like the rest of us except for who they love.  But then, how to explain this?  From September 3, 2015 New York Post:
Branding the raid a “digital Stonewall,” roughly 70 LGBT activists blasted Brooklyn federal prosecutors Thursday for busting up popular online escort site last week.
Holding signs and chanting, the raucous group gathered in front of the Brooklyn federal courthouse to demand that all charges against employees at the multimillion-dollar enterprise be dropped immediately.

The activists — including current sex workers who advertised their services on the site — argued that the feds should not be allocating resources to policing consensual sex.

Shouting “Bl–jobs, not no jobs” and “Sex work is real work,” the protesters suggested that the operation was aimed at gays and transgender sex workers.
I guess there are no other jobs available except prostitution.

Several attendees cited graphic sexual descriptions in the complaint against the staffers as peculiarly prurient and unnecessary.

The website — which has since gone dark because of the bust — helped to protect sex workers who would otherwise risk harm on unpredictable streets or operate through less reputable online outlets like Craigslist or, several protesters said.

“It is taking away from the safety of the people who are doing this work,” said organizer Bill Dobbs.

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  1. "I guess there are no other jobs available except prostitution."

    Well, after seven years of BO