Saturday, September 26, 2015

Instapundit Calls This A Sign of "Civilizational Decline."

Here.  From the Sept. 24, 2015 Daily Mail comes a report of a bully beating up a blind kid at Hungtington Beach High School, and a football player coming to the blind kid's defense.  The bully was arrested and charged by the police. So who did the school punish?  Yup, the football player.  There's video of the incident so the school did not err because they did not know what happened. Civilizational decline?  No, what happens when liberals are in charge.

Many years ago, a friend was a security guard at a drug store in Rohnert Park.  The photo developing departmenty asked him to look at some pictures they had developed.  They were almost entirely pictures taken on an elementary school playground focused on the butts of little girls.  Nothing unlawful, but certainly Bay Area normal in its perversion.  He waited around to see who picked up the pictures, because the playground was the elementary school where his daughter and mine attended.  A few days later, he is at the school picking up his daughter and he sees butt photographer on the playground taking pictures.  So he grabs him and takes him to the principal's office and explains his concerns.  Butt photographer claims he was hired by the architectural firm preparing to remodel the school.  The [principal asks for the name of the firm that hired him.  Butt photographer doesn't know.  The principals' reaction was not to call the police or order this guy off school property but, "John, did you force this guy to come to the office?"


  1. It's a miracle the school didn't punish the blind kid

  2. My friend is a school speech pathologist. She said the girls in the sixth grade -- that's sixth grade -- always wear tight stretchy blouses with their iPhone stuck in the bra so that the tip is sticking out. She told one of her clients that she really shouldn't dress like that, the student told her parents, and ... Well, there was a lot of talk about American Taliban.

  3. I graduated high school in 1970, and the school had a fairly strict dress code. Shirts with collars, no jeans, no tennis shoes, short hair, no facial hair, girls had to wear dresses or skirts. Everyone looked pretty much alike. (The local Catholic schools had uniforms.) No provocative or revealing clothing at any school, and no obvious jewelry. The vice principal's word was law, and he had the authority to hit you, if needed.

    The following year, the dress code was dropped. Holy cow! I had to visit to get some paperwork, and was stunned. The girls wore anything from Daisy Duke cutoffs with t-shirts, to nightclubbing outfits. One of the benefits of the dress code was it minimized the effect of family money on clothing choices. There was a very wide range of income in that township, and the rich girls mostly flaunted it. I'm sure it became a very distracting atmosphere to the kids, after that change. This was in PA, a suburb of Philly.

    That was a very good example of a bad decision of the school district. Student discipline went to hell, I was told. At the time, I was wondering why it couldn't have happened sooner, while I was still in school. As an adult, though, the downsides became obvious.

    My conclusion later on became the thought that "The Greatest Generation", wasn't so great after all. They took their eye off the ball, and allowed our nation to quickly head for the cliff that we will drop off within our lifetime. Too many thought winning the war was enough effort, and the world would take care of itself afterward.
    They were just going to focus on making a living, and raising a family. You can look around, and see the fallacy of that sort of thinking.