Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I Hope the Political Class Is Paying Attention

But I suspect not.  Gallup reports on a recent poll:
PRINCETON, N.J. -- Almost half of Americans, 49%, say the federal government poses "an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens," similar to what was found in previous surveys conducted over the last five years. When this question was first asked in 2003, less than a third of Americans held this attitude.
I think the political class are too busy enjoying fine meals while buggering children to notice or care.  Trump should be another warning sign of the rage that is developing.

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  1. History seems to show that they never notice, until the torches and pitchforks are in play.

    It's possible that they have on occasion taken notice and changed their direction, but historians tend not to see that sort of "non-happening". I suspect it would be a vanishingly small number, when taking human nature into account.

    I've been reading Sci-Fi most of my life. It's a very good area used to examine the consequences of political directions. It can be very instructive regarding the mis-use of advancing technology to control a population, especially to circumvent a popular uprising against TPTB.

    Because of this, when I saw the towers being hit, I instantly realized that our nation would be traveling down the road that we have been on since then. That our rights and freedoms would be trampled in the rush to power by those who would rule us as kings to peasants. That the common man would allow all this to happen, in the mistaken belief that it would make us "safe". That they would allow this due to ignorance of history. In the 60's, I had seen how the public schools were no longer teaching history, when I compared my textbooks to books I would read in the libraries. Our people were being set up to fall for this sort of thing. It was just a matter of time before the right conditions would be conducive to change the course of our nation.

    As individuals, we have varying abilities to learn from our own mistakes, and from observing others directly, and from recorded history. The larger the group, the less able we seem to be in making those observations, and correctly concluding a proper course of action. The bigger the group, the lower the apparent IQ of it as an entity, it would seem. My conclusion is that history is the most important subject that should be taught in school. It should stand above all others. But how to keep it from being adulterated, as is so common in all nations?