Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dead Mouse Smell

Two nights ago, our bedroom smelled of rotting mouse coming out of one of the heating vents.  (Dead mouse is very distinctive.)  The first night, we turned off the fan, and left the windows open.  Last night, my wife had the bright idea of putting the shop vac hose down trhe vent.  The hose is about 6 feet long.  We heard two distinct thuds, one of which turned out to be a bloated mouse.  This morning, no smell!


  1. You should probably figure out how the mouse got in there. Might need to seal up some openings into your HVAC vent system!

  2. Every week I put a couple of drops of Peppermint oil into each of the vents. Mice hate it.

  3. pepermint oil, great idea. no idea what the other thud was. We could see the bloated mouse body with the white chalk marks, but did not want to get stratigraphic.

  4. Dead mouse is very distinctive.

    I wouldn't know, and I don't think most people would. There's a gag in Lawrence Block's novel Tanner On Ice, where one man says the local beer tastes like dog urine, and another man says "I wouldn't know - never had it."

    "What, the beer?"

    "No, the other."

    So... How is it that you know the smell of dead mouse? And what similar smells have you compared it with, so that you can say it is distinctive?

    (Cue "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road"...)

  5. We had the dead mouse problem in a previous house in the wall.