Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Reminder of Whose Side Obama Is On

There were 19 hijackers responsible for 9/11.  The man trained to be the 20th hijacker has been at Gitmo since 2001.  So he is being released.  The New York Times has disturbing documents about this giuy,  Instapundit calls this an impeachable offense.  Maybe.  But it does suggest that Obama might  really be a Muslim, and one of the radical kind.


  1. I don't know whether Obama is a Muslim or not. But, what we do know is that he is most definitely not a Christian. We know such because (1) Obama always lies and (2) he has stated many times that he is a Christian.

    Inasmuch as he is an ardent socialist, it would stand to reason that he is simply an atheist. He is most definitely, however, an Islamophile.

  2. Obama is not a Moslem. He's ordered hundreds of drone strikes on Moslem terrorists. (Ineffective, but not indisgnificant.) He promotes homosexuality. He shows every sign of being a classic mod-leftist ("green" and "pink", but not "Red" - but friendly with the "Reds"). And therefore naively sympathetic to anti-Western Islamists.

    There's a huge cohort of lawyers from white-shoe BigLaw firms hanging around Gitmo, all representing jihadis pro bono. None of them are Moslem; they're trying to prove how progressive they are.