Saturday, September 5, 2015

Trump Pulling Out Ahead

I know many Republicas are not haoppy abouty Trump, because they believe the illegal immigrant/gay marriage/ legal pot constituency is very important to winning elections, but this survey suggests that if you want to beat the Democrats, you need Trump:
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump leads Democrat Hillary Clinton head-to-head, according to a new poll released Friday.
The poll by SurveyUSA finds that matched up directly, Trump garners 45 percent to Clinton’s 40 percent.
In other head-to-head matchups, Trump beats out Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) by 44 percent to 40 percent; Vice President Joe Biden by 44 percent to 42 percent; and former Vice President Al Gore by 44 percent to 41 percent.

I know, you won't bwe one of the cool kids if you back Trump, but if you want to defeat the Democrats, you might have to lose your cool kid card.


  1. Sorry, but I'm not buying it.

    Trump is showing how important the immigration is, and Republicans had better sit up and take note.

    He is not showing that he would be either a worthwhile candidate or a decent president. Frankly, the guy doesn't have a chance. For now, I suspect the MSM is happily letting him babble on - he threatens republicans a lot more than he threatens democrats, and he makes for a lot of click bait.

  2. Just after leaving my previous comment, I stumbled into a link that does a good job explaining why Trump is not the answer, not an answer but rather a big problem.

  3. I'm for Trump!

    Long ago I used to subscribe to NRO; now I wonder how they stay in business, since all they do is bash Trump while they push penqueno Jebito, who just loves illegals.

    No more Booshes; no more Clintoons; and if the GOPe doesn't straighten up and fly right, then NO MORE GOPE!

    Yes, " important the immigration is," and it has to stop! Now!

  4. Beating the Democrat nominee with Trump would be like "curing" morphine addiction with heroin.

    Trump is a Democrat. He has been a close friend and lavish supporter of the Democrat leadership and their policies for decades.

    Many people complain that Jeb Bush, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, or Chris Christie are "RINOs", but they have always been Republican candidates, organizers, donors, and officeholders. Trump never has.

    The only reason Trump has any success now is the utter failure of the national establishment to address immigration. He polls ahead of Clinton now because of that, and because Clinton has such obvious weaknesses. When Clinton drops out (as I am sure she will) the Democrats will find a respectable replacement. (Not Biden, Warren, or Sanders, Webb, or O'Malley.) That replacement would win handily against Trump.

    If I were the Democrats, I would want Clinton to stagger to the nomination, then announce at the convention that her health does not permit her to run, and endorse a "safe" candidate like Sen. Ron Wyden. That candidate will not have endured months of public scrutiny, and the media cloak would protect him for the three remaining months of the campaign.