Monday, April 13, 2015

why am I blogging at this hour?

Because I just got into my hotel room in North Carolina, and I can't sleep.

For some reason I am now in the TSA precheck category, so I get a shorter inspection line at the airport where I do not have to take off my shoes, coat, or belt (which since i lost so much weight could be...embarrassing), or take my laptop out of its case.

This is really cool  but all was for nought today, because of a really neat flat multipurpose tool my last boss gave me.

  It provides many of the functions of a Swiss Army knige, but is TSA approved, because has no sharp edges.  The problem is the TSA guy could see it on X-rays, but we could not find it in the two wallets I carry.  (One for all the non-issue concealed carry permits.)   Nor could I find the secret pocket of my wallet that contained my  PocketMonkey.

Yes, this was an embarrassing as it sounds.  At least I wasn't embarrassed lyrics trying to find a .22 pistol in my wallet.  That would be much worse.

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  1. You're pre-check because of your age...had that happen to me for the same reason travelling to a state that refuses to honor my PA LTCF...pre-check on the way out but not in the return flight. The nitrate sniffer called me out even though I'd most carefully sanitized my purse of prohibited weapons...eventually the nice lady surfaced *one* round of .357 Mag that somehow escaped my notice.