Friday, April 10, 2015

Do You Have Experience Setting Up GnuCash to Account for a Small Business?

It looks pretty impressive, and it's open source, but I am a little flummoxed how to tell it that I have six accounts: one for materials, one for shipping charges, one for sales, and so on.


  1. I use it all the time, both for personal and business. It's only really a pain if you have to process payroll. Otherwise, it's very good, and the price is right.

    You need to understand double-entry bookkeeping, but that's not difficult. I have tens of accounts. To create a new account, right click (in the Accounts Tab) beneath the type of account you wish to create (e.g., Equity, Asset, Expense, Liabilty) and proceed. It's easy to plit transactions into various accounts, if that's needed.

    I used to use Quickbooks, but it was constantly getting upgraded and losing my license information, plus it became, for me, a victim of really serious software bloat.

    All the data files that GunCash uses are XML files, btw.

  2. Just to add a bit to my previous comment: there is a decent tutorial for GunCash, which I found useful when first using it [also available as a pdf], as well as a mailing list.