Monday, April 13, 2015

Is Hillary Clinton The Best That Republicans Can Hope For?

That's what Reince Priebus of the RNC says:
He added that while Republicans have to be “about perfect,” “I do think that Hillary gives us the best opportunity to make that case because I think she gives you, number one, a person that we can unify our party behind, she gives us a person that we can raise a lot of money against, and she gives us a person that actually if you look at her record, and you have to recruit volunteers, and you have to bring out a message about your opponent, she’s about the best person we could possibly hope for. So, yeah, I think that she’s got a terrible record, and one that’s pretty hard to actually find some accomplishments on.”

Especially sinnce a woman who personalizes wealth derived from marrying up (or was it marrying down?) talks about making things fair for the middle class.

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