Saturday, April 25, 2015

I Received A Curious Email

from the Family Research Council:

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Sue Chef: Court Fines Bakers $135,000

If you thought it was expensive to buy a wedding cake, try not baking one! Aaron and Melissa Klein found out just how expensive today, when -- after two long years -- an Oregon judge finally told the young parents of five exactly how much living by their beliefs would cost them: $135,000. Their dream of owning a dessert shop near Portland, Oregon turned into a nightmare when two lesbians refused to take "no" for an answer on their request for a same-sex "wedding" cake.
Sued, harassed, vandalized, and threatened to the point that the couple had to close their doors, the Kleins still didn't budge. Found guilty by an administrative court earlier this year, the Kleins spent four sleepless weeks wondering what the government -- the same one that guarantees them the freedom of religion -- would charge them. Now that they've been ordered to pay up to $135,000 in fines, Aaron and Melissa have made it clear that they are willing to pay a far steeper price to stand up for Christ.
"To be told they're going to force me to convey a message other than what I want to convey -- it flies in the face of the Constitution," Aaron explained. "It's a violation of my conscience. It's a violation of my religious freedom. It's horrible to see your own government doing this to you."
Anna Harmon, one of the Kleins' attorneys, said the sentencing was tough to swallow. "Americans should not have to choose between adhering to their faith or closing their business, but that is what this decision means... The [judge] ruled wrongly that the Kleins' right not to design and create a work of art celebrating an event which violates the tenets of their religion is not protected by the Oregon or Federal Constitutions. This is a dangerous result for religious liberty and rights of conscience in Oregon..."
Unfortunately, the Kleins are just one of the families hanging in the balance of the Supreme Court's scales. When the justices go to work next Tuesday, they'll be deciding a lot more issues than the definition of marriage. For the sake of the First Amendment, let's hope that our right not to be forced to violate our faith is one of them.
In the meantime, if you'd like to help the Kleins raise the money they need to exercise their religious liberty, please visit this webpage for more information. Then, click over to later tonight to hear our interview with this courageous couple!
When I clicked over to the GoFundMe web site, it claimed to have no know3ledge of such a funding campaign.  Did homosexuals use their enormous but poorly understood power to make GoFundMe drop the Kleins.

Even if you like the government running around telling businesses who to have as customers, I think you can agree that $130,000 is a bit much for saying NO.  Sure enough, GoFundMe made up a rule to cancel this effort.  Wouldn't it be an interesting world if Christians had as much power as homosexuals?


  1. Yep - the modern PC left is deeply totalitarian. Their enablers in the corporate world are like the Krups in Nazi eGrmany.

  2. If you go to Day by Day Cartoon on facebook, he's been keeping up with where folks can donate to help out if they want to.

  3. Clayton,
    The GoFundMe was ended because of harassment. It prompted, well, I'd say incredible, but now all-too credible outpouring of vitriol and death threats.

  4. Clayton: