Thursday, April 23, 2015

Are You Old Enough To Remember When CB Radio Was Social Media?

and this song?


  1. Yes, the 1970's and the trucker as the modern day cowboy with the CB fad was fun wasn't it! Amazing how many movies, country songs and tv shows based on that theme were made during the craze. Sorry kids...there was no texting.

    The TV show "Movin' On" was one of my favorites. Two of the episodes were filmed in Ada County. One in Boise including downtown with ariel views of the Capitol and interior scenes of the Riverside Hotel and poolside that are easily recognizable. The other has scenes in Garden City by the fairgrounds and river on Glenwood Bridge and a scene of the Meridian Dairy Days parade. Both 1975 filmed around the same time I think. They are available online to watch. I'd like to see if there is old Statesman stories about that or local tv news mention of it.

    Claude Akins was in Movin' On and in BJ And The Bear as Sheriff Lobo which also was the name of a spinoff of BJ. Somewhat a rip-off of Smoky And the Bandit (that's Glenn Larson for ya) which was silly like Dukes of Hazzard with lots of eye candy with those blow dry 70's feathered hair styles the beautiful ladies had. Fun nostalgia!

    Sadly, truck driving has lost that independent trucker for the most part...if not completely.

    Thanks for the good memories. 10-4 Good Buddy!

  2. It was called the "children's band."

  3. The same musician also performs as Mannheim Steamroller.

  4. Mauser: this statement was so hard to believe that I looked it up. Wow!

  5. I myself always looked down on the buy-your-rig-in-a-store anyone-can-get-a-license CB users.

    -- AA6EH