Wednesday, April 29, 2015

May or May Not Interest All of You

Cut Video, where a model's hair and makeup are changed to match the fashion of each decade of the twentieth century.  Mexico's fashion  sense involves guns:

The Korea segment shows how Communism influenced women's fashion:

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  1. That Mexican pistol looks kind of like a reproduction of a Colt 1850 cap-and-ball revolver.

    I find it amusing that the Mexican model sported the pistol for the early part of the series.

    After looking at videos for Mexico, Korea, Iran, and the U.S., I'm somewhat surprised at the variations-on-a-theme.

    The '30s all liked hats, the 50s mostly went for simple-and-elegant, and 70s/80s all went for variations on big-and-complexly-sculpted.

    (Except for Iran, where they went for variations on head-covering. And North Korea, which kept repeating military-style headgear.)