Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ubuntu 14

Any reason not to upgrade from Ubuntu 12 to 14.  I am blogging from the dining room on my Ubuntu box.

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  1. The only potential problem with Ubuntu post-12 would be that the later versions expect PAE (Physical Address Extension) to run. That's been true for most CPUs for many years with the exception of 400MHz bus Pentium M (Banias / Dothan) chips which were common in many laptops circa 2004 - 2006 or so, such as my Dell 400.

    There is a run-time option to bypass the requirement for later versions, or so the Web claims, but I've not succeeded in getting it to work with my Dell, so XUbuntu 12.04 is its OS, replacing XP. After two months of heavy use, so far, so good...

    CPUID and other such utilities should tell you if PAE is a problem for a given machine.

    Best to you!