Tuesday, November 18, 2014

IP Address Conflict

The PC I normally blog from is having problems.  blogger.com/home never responds from Firefox, and trying to ping blogger.com gives unreliable results.  I flushed the DNS cache, on that PC, and other PCs sharing this router are not having any problems.  One of the other PCs complains about IP Address Conflict.  But for some reason, I can't access the router to see where the conflict is.  Suggestions?  I noticed that Windows 7 had installed some updates just before this started.  I am doing a restore to yesterday.'s version.  Suggestions?

System Restore helped, but ping blogger.com  still is losing packets intermittently.  I can't even reliably ping the router.  Try new cable? Yet some IP addresses on the other side of the router respond fine.  Yet I can ping the router just fine from the Linux box through the wireless side.

This gets stranger and stranger.  Now that I have disconnected from my wired Ethernet connection, it seems to work.  Bad cable?  Bad socket on the router?  I'm not sure.

It also appears that my 23" external monitor has givenh.


  1. I'm working off the assumption that you have a DHCP server somewhere on your network, and that it's PROBABLY on the router you cannot access.

    I'm further suspecting that the reason you can't access the router is because it's webserver isn't responding, which is more to say that whatever embedded cr*p it's running is, to use a technical term, horked up.

    What I would suggest doing is note the ip addresses and subnet on each machine. Shutt down all of your computers at the same time, reboot the router, wait until it's got sync/link with it's upstream.

    Power up the flaky machine *ONLY* and see what address it gets. Also see if you can access the router.

    Then power up the rest of the machines in order and see what happens.

  2. Reboot the router/switch, is my first guess.

    If it has MAC-to-IP mapping that's out of sync with, say, the DHCP server's idea of who has what address, that can cause all kinds of psychotic problems.

    And would explain why going wireless fixes the issue.

    It can't hurt, in any case.

  3. Something very similar happened to one, then the other of my PC's. Suspiciously after a Windows update. Flush DNS, disable then enable the adapter fixed the problem *for now*.

    I suspect the update, to borrow a term, horked something up.

    Thanks MS, we all have nothing better to do...