Friday, November 7, 2014

Purchases Today

I bought an UTG Airsoft pistol for discouraging goats nibbling my wife's garden.  It is modeled on a M1911, and considering it is laregely plastic, it is surprisingly acurate.
Putting it next  to my stainless steel Colt series 80, only the orange tip on the barrel gives it away.  It's a good thing it has that orange tip.  I am not yet sure how accurate it is; I should know more tomorrow. 

You have to pull the slide back for each shot, and about like a M1911 to load the next pellet!The grip safety works!  You have to depress it to pull the trigger.

Also, I bought a Lightphoria 10,000 lux light to reduce seasoanl adjusted depression SAD.  It is amazingly cheap and small for such a bright light.


  1. Heh, Photoshop Fail, the reflection isn't illuminated.

  2. I got gifted with my sister's light, when she moved to the desert near Tucson. Probably about 14 years old, and sold for $750, IIRC. Sunnex.
    If I could only remember to turn it on...