Saturday, November 8, 2014

The 100

I just started watching this scifi series on Netflix.  The short description 100 juvenile delinquents sent to see if Earth is safe to live on again, sounds absurd, an excuse to appeal to the young adult demographic, but the pilot presents a plausible explanation for why these kids have been dropped from a space station to the Earth, 97 years after a nuclear war has killed off Earth's population.  There are aspects of it that remind me of Lost, Lord of the Flies, The Tomorrow People (if you are old enough to remember that 1960s TV series with college students crashed in the South Pacific), and there are one or two elements of The 100 that are in common with a novel I am writing.

Another nice touch, the violent criminal faction decides shortly after landing that there are no rules anymore.  Like all hip anarchists, they soon are making rules.  I like to remind hip anarchists that in a true anarchy, shopkeepers would hire machine gun toting mercenaries who would sell the hip anarchists into slavery for smashing in their windows.

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