Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This Even Lost In Oregon

There was a referendum on the Oregon ballot where voters were asked to approve or rehject a law passeed by the Oregon legislature granting drivers' licenses to illegal aliens.  Supporters spent 6x as much for it as opponents spent to stop it.  And opponents defeated it 68-32.  That's a powerful rejection in a very left-leaning state.  Obama has to be crazy pursuing illegal alien amnesty through executive order.


  1. Crazy? Not likely... narcissistic? Almost certainly. The guy cannot get out of his own way even when it would possibly benefit to do so (i.e., "I'm not on the ballot this year but make no mistake, my agenda is" - or words to that effect).

    He has always loved himself some Barry O, and thinks that he simply cannot do wrong. (Well, we'll see if the midterm results give him pause in this, but I'm not holding my breath.) I honestly think he believes his own nonsense.

  2. Obama is not crazy, he is rationally working to elect a new people, a la Walter Ulbricht in 1953. as Brecht then said, "The government has lost confidence in the people, and has decided to elect a new one."
    The crazy ones are the Repubs, who are doing the bidding of their corporate funders, while accepting their imminent destruction as a party.