Thursday, November 27, 2014

Congress Can De-fund Amnesty

The November 26, 2014 Daily Mail reports:
Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Republican' top budget hawk, has unveiled a Nov. 21 memo from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) explaining that Congress can legally strip funding from America's immigration enforcement agency – including funds the agency raises on its own through fees it charges Americans and foreigners.

That news will put fuel in the tank of right-wingers who want to paint Obama into a corner when the GOP controls both houses of Congress in January.
Citing 'Congress's constitutional power over the purse,' the CRS – Capitol Hill's official nonpartisan research arm – instructed Sessions that lawmakers can pick and choose what executive branch agencies can spend money on. 
Good to hear.  republicans can defund INS and amnesty.  Even a large fraction of Democrats and Hispanics think this is a bad idea.

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