Thursday, November 6, 2014

California Refuses To Require Condoms For Porn Films

From November 5, 2014 Whittier Daily News:
Protesters who support condom use during porn shoots marched in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday to demand that state regulators stop stalling and release revised safety standards that protect adult film performers.

More than 100 people, including former adult film performers, protested on behalf of AIDS Healthcare Foundation saying the time has come for all porn production sites to have the same health and safety laws as any workplace.

“Stop the red tape! Before it’s too late!” chanted demonstrators who donned red shirts and held signs in front of the Los Angeles office of the state’s Occupational and Safety Health Administration on 4th Street.
Condoms on porn sets have been required under state law since the early 1990s. Production companies have skirted the regulation and Cal/OSHA has enforced the regulation mostly by responding to complaints.
Any other business that was endangering the health of employees would be regulated., but porn is "special" for liberals, so rules don't apply to porn.  That's part of why Oregon's Supreme Court a few years ago decided live sex shows were a form of free speech, and why California courts insist that a porn film shoot where people are having sex for money don't qualify as prostitution.

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