Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I had mentioned some weeks back that I might run Windows 7 Pro inside a virtual machine on Ubuntu Linux.  I have been way too busy grading papers, filling orders, writing law review articles, etc. to get around to the grand Windows 7 Pro migration.  But in my day job, I am currently installing CentOS Linux in a VMware virtual machine under Windows 7 Pro.  The reason is that the production version of our middleware runs under Linux, and developing under Windows just accentuates subtle differences.  The more that we develop under Linux, the fewer issues we discover only after the code has moved to production, where it is harder to fix.

I am really quite impressed with VMware.


  1. I worked at a location that was all PC, and because I could, I used a Mac with OSX, with a VM Ware Fusion virtual XP system.

    It was my best experience with Windows in 25 years. XP worked better on the Mac as a virtual PC then it ever did on any previous PC that I used or owned.

    I was continually happily chugging along while listening to the anguished cries of my co-workers with locked up or blue screened PC's.

  2. I work at a large organization that has over 200 virtual servers using a VMware vSphere infrastructure. On my main workstation, I use a PC with Fedora 19 MATE desktop with VMware Workstation 10 to run a Windows 7 Pro VM. VMware is really nice stuff. The main thing is that you need a PC with enough resources to run the host OS (Fedora) and the guest OS (Windows 7). Mine is a quad core with 8GB of ram. 2 cores and 4 GB of RAM for Fedora and 2 cores and 4GB of RAM for Windows 7.

  3. I have had flawless results running Win 7 under VMware on a Win 8 laptop.