Sunday, October 6, 2013

Plastic Credit Card Inserts for Wallets

You know the plastic inserts for wallets that hold credit cards and concealed weapon permits?  (You do have permits from multiple states, right?)  I cannot find them in any local stores now: not in Target; not in Shopko; not in Walmart.  In some cases, I feel like the questions that I am asking clerks are equivalent to walking into a car dealership and asking to buy a horse.  (Perhaps young people don't have credit cards anymore?)

Anyway, I found them on

If brick and mortar stores are not happy about the competition from, then they need to start stocking stuff.  I would have paid $10 for one of these inserts the other day, just to get it immediately.


  1. Well, if you're graduating from college with maxed out credit and can't get a job, I'd say it's a safe bet if you have a credit card, it's to access your checking account, which probably don't have money in it anyway.

    But hey, they voted for the hope and change hook line and sinker.... twice. They can suck it up and take it!

  2. I have no clue about the plastic inserts for credit cards and wallets. Never seen one, never used one. (Maybe it's the age difference, sorry.) Would you mind linking them so that I could look at what you are talking about? (My wallet is leather and it has slots for where I stick bank cards in it.)

    Also, I thought you had set it up where you got a small cut from items purchased through a link to your website. Why turn down the possibility of free money? =o)

  3. Gladorn: it was SUPPOSED to be there the first time! It is now.

  4. OK, I know what those things are! (And it wasn't what I had pictured in my mind, by the way.)

    Yeah, I though it was odd that there was no link. Best of intentions, eh? =o)

  5. I've never seen ordinary stores stock replacements for the inserts (You basically have to buy a new wallet to get them). Except, I HAVE seen them in craft stores that sell leatherworking stuff.

  6. The slots in wallets that Gladorn mentioned replaced those plastic inserts a long time ago. The slots are much better. You can remove the card a lot faster and easier.

  7. I agree that the slots in wallets are better. The problem is that I already carry two wallets (one of which is just for non-Idaho concealed carry licenses), and that would require me to carry three wallets.

    Or do I have too many credit cards, ID cards, and similar items?

  8. It's a guy thing. You can never have too many credit cards, ID cards, and similar items in your wallet. (It's all tucked in next to the man card!)

  9. You might try shopping for a single wallet with More Slots?

    I have no such problems, but I've also been too lazy to get a carry permit...

    (And I have a bag - a "purse", one calls it, as it has a shoulder strap - to carry all my stuff.

    Pockets are for suckers.)