Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One Way Car Rental -- I Had Forgotten How Expensive It Can Be

I am headed to Indiana Tech Law School next week to give a presentation, and I decided to make it into a little vacation with my wife, so I arranged to fly into Fort Wayne, and fly out of Indianapolis.  It turns out that dropping off at another airport is astonishingly expensive.  It's a bit late to change stuff now, but wow.


  1. Clayton, have you tried scrounging a ride from someone at the school in Ft Wayne? If I were there, I would jump at the chance to talk with you for a couple of hours on the drive.

  2. They have taxi service available, so we can delay the car rental until Saturday morning.

  3. Google maps says Ft. Wayne and Indy are 126 miles, about 2 hours, apart.

    I don't know who you're using but Avis' web site says $21 for pickup/return in Ft. Wayne, and $87 to drop off in Indy (intermediate size car, 24 hour rental). A 4-day rental is $63 / $261 under the same terms.

    For the $198 difference, it would make sense to pay someone $50+ gas (about $12-15 I'd guess) to drive it back to Ft. Wayne and turn it in there.

  4. If I knew anyone willing to do the one-way drive, this might make sense. But it would also require adding this person yet unknown to the car rental contract, and trusting them to actually return it on time.

    I am going to only rent the car starting on Saturday morning. That knocks it down a bit.