Monday, October 7, 2013

The Insignia Blu-Ray & NetFlix Box Gave Up The Ghost a Couple of Weeks Back

I have never been completely happy with this refurbished Insignia Blu-Ray and NetFlix portal.  It often freezes as though a memory leak has finally caught up with it.  (It seems to be number of transactions, not time, which is why I suspect a memory leak.)  Now, I have friends whose reaction would be to take the box apart, find the appropriate in-circuit emulator, and repair the firmware.  No, I am not kidding.  A friend had a high-end digital piano, thought one of the notes was slightly off -- and went in and fixed the code to make the note correct, while also saving some code space in the ROM.

I have better things to do with my time.  When the power supply suddenly became unreliable, I decided it was time to scrap it.  So I bought this instead:

So far it has been very reliable, pretty easy to setup, and it takes up much less space.


  1. I have friends like that too.

    Heck, if I could afford an ICE and had room for a fuil electronics lab, I'd do that.

    There's very little more satisfying than tracking down the cause of an intermittent fault and fixing it.

  2. Just as a heads up, the Firefox Adblock Edge plugin considers your Amazon links (like the one in this post) to be ads and blocks them. I don't know if you can fix this, but I did want to let you know.

  3. Sertorius: they are ads, and it is doing its job. For those who don't have it turned on, it might be a chance to make a sale!