Friday, October 11, 2013

Color Photos From World War I

Apparently, not colorized, but actual color photos of World War I.


  1. Color film goes back to around the time of the US Civil War but the process yielded colors that faded on the prints and few were experimenting with it. By the 1890's it had become more viable and so by the time of the Great War was technically doable and of reasonable quality and longevity. Cost and the complexity with the processing kept it from the common use until the 50's which is why even in WW2 it was rare though of course much more common that WWW1.

  2. Oh and thanks for we can prove to kids that the world was color for longer than they might think! :-O

  3. I also really enjoy this person's work. Composite photos from WW2 location with part of the image from WW2 and part from modern day.