Thursday, September 8, 2011

You Doubtless Saw Coverage of the IHOP Shooting Spree in Carson City

From September 7, 2011 ABC News:
A third National Guard member has died from injuries suffered in a shooting rampage that took place at a Nevada IHOP restaurant, according to the Carson City, Nev. sheriff. The shooting spree has now left five people dead, including the shooter, and left seven wounded.
There is some reason to think the shooter was targeting National Guard members. But why?
Investigators are also looking into Sencion's mental health history, as his family members have indicated that he had a history of mental illness.
Keep on eye on this story. I would be very surprised if Sencion was not well known to police for previous mental illness problems. I would be surprised if there is not a history of observational holds, followed by release because he was not an imminent danger.

UPDATE: Yup.  This September 7, 2011 Reuters story confirms it:

Eduardo Sencion, 32, had been taken into custody in South Lake Tahoe in 2000 under a California law that allows police to hold a person who presents a danger to themselves or others, South Lake Tahoe police spokesman Lt. David Stevenson said.
Sencion, who worked in South Lake Tahoe at his family's market, was held so he could receive psychiatric evaluation and care, Stevenson said.
Stevenson declined to elaborate on the incident that prompted police to detain Sencion, but said a report did not name any victims and that no weapons were involved.


  1. and of course the military are forbidden to carry sidearms unless ordered to. How many of these men would have survived if they had been armed?

  2. Wait till they find a local webpage naming:
    a. Sen Reid
    b. Sharon Angle, and with
    c. a pseudo-crosshair.