Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lack of Blogging

Still fighting with my wrists.  They are getting better, but not terribly quickly.  I am taking Monday and Tuesday off work to give them a chance to rest--so there won't be much blogging here for a while.  I have an appointment with a hand specialist for next week.  I dread the thought of cortisone injections, and I dread even more the surgery, which I understand only works for some.  If health insurance were not incredibly expensive, I would look for a way to retire instead.

I need the day job for health insurance, but the other stuff that I do (writing and teaching, mostly) is what is really important (in my strange definition of importance).  Unfortunately, those other activities have no significant economic value.

Until my carpal tunnel syndrome heals, things that pay have to take priority.


  1. I wonder if something like a Twiddler might help you input data without exacerbating the Carpal Tunnel.,99

  2. I hope you get better soon!

    And I completely agree with you in regards to what is important. If it weren't for that pesky "I need to feed my family" thing, I'd be working on math, and writing things. :-)

    (I also wish you had a way of either publishing a comment anonymously, or via "Name and URL", like "". Otherwise, whenever I comment here, my other e-mail accounts are automatically logged off. I hate Google accounts!)

  3. Not strange at all. It's the difference between what Gary North calls occupation and calling. Occupation is how you pay the bills, while calling is the thing for which you are least replaceable. For most of us, they are not the same.

  4. I switched to Dvorak in HighSchool. Took a couple term papers that were painful to write. But after a few weeks I've been typing 65wpm ever since. Haven't had any more hand pain. Within a few hours of using a qwerty layout I can feel the stress in my hands.

    Yes, changing layouts sucks, but its not expensive in terms of money.