Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Guess The Population Isn't Quite As Sheep-Like As I Assume

Fox News commissioned a survey of 911 registered voters in the United States and it finds something rather interesting.  The poll asked voters if they believed that something equivalent to the Arab spring uprisings could happen in the United States within the next 10 years and a majority, 51% of the surveyed voters, responded that this was "very" or "somewhat" likely.

Unfortunately, while the answers given by those polled are somewhat vague and uncertain as to their meaning, it is very interesting that 10% of the polls indicated that they wanted to see "revolutionary" change of our system of government and 23% wanted "dramatic" change.  This is something that should scare the left quite impressively, because it indicates that the leftist domination of our government is beginning to generate an enormous resentment and rage.


  1. I hope your analysis is correct, but another possibility is that those who want the revolutionary change are on the left. They are generally the ones who propose revolution and they are also dissatisfied with Obummer because he hasn't gone far enough (yikes! We thought Clinton was bad!).

    As a side note, I hope your carpal tunnel problems get better. I understand it can be quite painful.

  2. I too want a revolution and I am opposed to both the extreme left and right....

    I don't for one second believe we will see the change we need even with a Republican win across the board next year (such that they get control of everything).

    Both parties are so so d*mn corrupt anymore that I really see no difference between the two (other than superficial "cosmetic" or wedge social issues that don't amount to a hill of beans to the economic, energy, aged infrastructure problems, etc that must be fixed).

    Sadly short of a full blown civil war with large scale deaths I don't have much optimism that things can be fixed... And how can that happen in a modern global world with the threats we would face when we undergo that war. Unless of course those countries go through their own wars at the same time.

    Maybe WWIII will finally happen (the one that the Cold War kept from happening).

    The big red reset button needs to be pressed...

  3. There is enormous frustration with the system, but nothing like actual revolutionary rage. So far, even the recent economic problems haven't caused any serious hardships.

    Compare our situation to the Middle East, where part of what has driven the "Arab Spring" unrest is people having to spend 50% of their income on food - or starve.

    Part of the frustration is that the political class has become very good at diffusing or placating the public's anger.

    There are very few obvious, serious injustices. We're getting pecked to death by ducks, and half the time we're the ducks (look at the many ways in which popular opinion demands wasteful policy).

  4. The left will claim that most of the true revolutionary sentiment in this country is of the leftish variety. I'm certain that this is true to *some* extent - the level of frustration with Americans' resistance to socialism among the left is pretty high.

    After having read a reasonably fair history of the Spanish Civil War, I fear we are headed towards such an outcome - it doesn't take very many people to make an area ungovernable, and it doesn't take a large number of people to sustain a civil war.