Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Guy Who Killed the Grizzly Bear in Boundary County, Idaho

He accepted a plea bargain.  From the September 7, 2011 Idaho Statesman:

As part of a deal, Hill agreed his actions violated a regulation of the Endangered Species Act and paid a $1,000 fine.

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He should not have needed to pay anything.  But sometimes that's the best that you can hope for when dealing with the federal government.


  1. The prosecutor now makes a point without having to risk a jury trial that would be an almost sure loss for the Feds.

  2. We had an incident recently here in Colorado where a man found a black bear rummaging in his cabin near Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park. He chased the bear out of the cabin and then shot it with a handgun and killed it.

    The news had this indignant idiot with a "Volunteer" vest from the national park decrying how horrible it was to kill the bear. And granted I don't see a need to kill a bear that is fleeing. However, no charges are going to be filed in this case. But then black bears are far from endangered so the only violation possible would be killing a black bear without a license.