Monday, September 26, 2011

Respect For Differences Of Opinion Ends At Arson

One of the animal rights' groups is taking credit for an arson attack.  From the September 26, 2011 Idaho Statesman:

The group message from the "The Arson Unit" criticizes the business owner for "oppressing innocent life."
The communique obtained by the Associated Press reads: "In the early morning hours of September 26th, a visit was paid to the Rocky Mountain Firework & Fur Company, a shop that (quite foolishly) sells both highly flammable and explosive toys, and the chemically-treated skins of thousands of tortured animals (among some other nasty things, like trapping supplies). A hole was drilled into their storage space, and several gallons of fuel were pumped through, as well as multiple other charges being set beneath an adjoining structure. Ignition devices were set to finish up our work, once we were safely on our way. By oppressing innocent life, you've lost your rights. We've come to take you down a notch. Stay in business, and we'll be back. Yours truly, The Arson Unit"

Under the best of conditions, I find the notion of animal rights absurd. When a group escalates to arson, my sympathy drops way, way down. You can't really expect much support for freedom of speech rights if you back actions like that. Of course, someone that sets fire to a firework factory is probably a few fries short of a Happy Meal, anyway.


  1. Sounds like war and a reason to defend yourself.

  2. I remember a case in Arizona some 20 years ago where an arsonist who objected to later arrivals in his neighborhood burned homes under construction and signed them with some similar-sounding organization-like nom-de-incendiary. As the Arson Unit's profiler predicted, it was just some individual pretending to be more people.
    I wonder if this case won't turn out to be similarly low in headcount.