Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Publishing

I mentioned a while back that I had used my wife's first book project as something of a dry run for my next book.  Yes, I am procrastinating on My Brother Ron, largely because I have found out that August is not a good time to launch a book--everyone is on vacation.  Apparently fall and winter work better.  And I've been busy.

A co-worker was so impressed with what I had to say about the Kindle that he went out and bought one.  Then he bought my wife's book.  He was so impressed that as I was leaving work yesterday, I heard him hyping it to another co-worker--and he is now interested in using it for the Bible study he leads at the prison.  (The parallels between Jonah in the belly of the great fish and prison should be obvious.)


  1. You might suggest he holds off until end-Oct, as Amazon is promising to release a new version of the Kindle, with features beyond the e-reader.



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