Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wow! There May Be Justice In This World

This article from Associated Content suggests that the Righthaven nonsense may have finally had some consequences:
Sherman Frederick, the once powerful publisher of the Las Vegas Review Journal daily newspaper and his sidekick editor Thomas Mitchell have found themselves out of a job. The two powerful positions thought to be invincible found out last week they were anything but invincible. The statement from the newspaper was just as non-committal as possible.

 One of the major controversies surrounding the newspaper was its participation in suing independent bloggers around the country for copyright infringement of stories printed in the paper. Bloggers, from moms at home writing about kids to political bloggers found themselves sued by the papers attack dog law firm, Righthaven.
Regular readers know the rest of the story.  I wonder if someone at corporate started noticing what the boycott was doing to the Google page ranking of all the Stephen Media news organizations.


  1. Maybe you settled too early. I wonder if you can sue to get your money back.

  2. No, afraid not. And unfortunately, the choice was either to start spending big money dealing with discovery motions, or settle.

  3. You knew if I were I'd have been tempting to spend big money on having a some guy with a name like "Vinny the Hammer" visit the Righthaven CEO, instead of settling or discovery. Bonus, probably would have helped the rest of his targets out.