Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Amazon's Pedophilia Focus

Back in 2003, I ceased being an Amazon affiliate--losing a small but steady stream of money in the process.  Why?  Because they were busily defending the importance of selling a book advocating going after little boys for sex.  My attempts at getting a sensible answer out of them convinced me that they were either hopelessly PC--or there was a darker motive for this.

This was apparently not a one-time quirk.  This article at Business Insider reports that Amazon is refusing to allow porn to be sold through their Kindle electronic book reader store--but The Pedophiles Guide to Love and Pleasure is being offered--and they are not going to take it down. According to one commenter, the book "goes into detail in how to molest a boy under the age of 13, and also advises fellow pedophiles how not to get caught with child pornography."  (And there is more in that comment that I will not quote.  Too gross.)

What's with Amazon?  If they sold everything--including porn--I would be disappointed.  But they keep getting self-righteous about selling stuff that even most Democrats aren't prepared to defend.


  1. They still are carrying the other one though...

  2. I pointed out that this book was still being sold by Amazon on facebook, and a few people picked it up and spread it and now this book is gone from the website too...