Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why Do People Buy Into Bizarre Conspiracy Theories?

Because the alternative is to admit that the movers and shakers that run things have not a clue what they are doing.  This video sounds pretty bizarre, and not just because of the synthesized voices:

The statements that William C. Dudley is the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and he used to be a managing partner of Goldman, Sachs?  True.  He was their chief economist during a period when Goldman, Sachs got into a pile of trouble--dragging pretty much the entire world economy down with them.  (Definitely the guy you want in charge of important decisions with that impressive track record behind him.)  Don't trust cartoon characters?  That information is on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's January 27, 2009 press release.

 I can't find any credible source for the claim that Dudley directs the purchase of Treasury bonds by the Fed from Goldman, Sachs at an uncompetitive price, but when you watch people that are supposed to know what they are doing clearly do not--and everything increasingly seems like a Twilight Zone episode--I don't know for sure that this is wrong.

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  1. Well, the cartoon and the voices are an automatic thing. That's the whole point of the site. You can stick any text file into it and have it create a video for you.