Monday, November 22, 2010

Strange Windows Vista Behavior on Restore

A friend has an HP Pavilion Elite e9107c on which she had to restore Vista.  After doing the restore--it boots up, and briefly brings up an Administrator login display.  At least it appears that this is what is coming up--because in a fraction of a second, it starts shutting Vista down again.  I've tried to boot in safe mode--same behavior.  HP Technical Support unfortunately doesn't speak (or understand) enough English to help her, nor can I find any discussion of this peculiar failure through Googling.  Any suggestions?


    ... see comment from "Tubesandwires".


  2. Don't restore from the hidden partition, it is probably infected with the same thing that required the restore to begin with. Best to do a clean install from a actual DVD. Good luck getting one from HP though.

    do a reformat with the MBR switch to make sure there isn't a boot sector virus. then rebuild from the DVD.

  3. Oddly enough, HP did supply her with restore disks. Last word is that the restore seems to have completed successfully (perhaps because my magic fingers started it). I will try both of these suggestions, however, if she still has problems.