Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Mosquito Joke

Instapundit was discussing the serious issue of dengue fever and mosquitoes--and how the coming ice age might solve the problem for us!  He then mentions how, even in Alaska, they have big mosquitoes:
Though I’ve seen some pretty big mosquitoes in Alaska. . . . I remember waking up and seeing two of them at the foot of my bed. One said, “Should we eat him here, or take him home?” The other replied: “We’d better eat him here — if we take him home, the big guys might get him away from us.”


  1. The rule of thumb is "the shorter the summer, the bigger the mosquitoes grow." Alaska has big ones, but the ones in Siberia are even larger.

  2. In my youth the standard (California) joke was:

    The skeeters here go "eeeeee..eee.eee"

    The skeeters in the Sierra go

    and the skeeters in Alaska go
    "Flap, FLAP, FLAP"