Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some Relatives

I'm a bit unclear on the exact relationship--whether these are direct ancestors on another line.  I think they are not my direct ancestors, based on what I can find in the records that my great-aunt Wilma van Urk put together, and this really impressive collection of Fonda genealogy here.  (See pp. 86, 494.)

And in case you are curious, yes, those Fondas.  Jane Fonda is my third cousin.  Obviously, politics isn't genetic.  I'm putting these primarily because there are certainly people doing genealogy research on this branch, and I had the pictures lying around, so I thought that I would share them.

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  1. Some people don't know what being a 3rd cousin means.

    The easy definition is that 3rd cousins have a common set of great-great-grandparents.

    Most people can't identify their eight sets of great-great-grandparents, so they don't know who their 3rd cousins are.