Sunday, November 21, 2010

Has Al Gore Been Visiting Boise?

We seem to be having a very early start to winter.  The weather forecast for Horseshoe Bend for Tuesday is 19 for the high, and -1 for the low, with 50% chance of snow.  (We are actually quite a bit above Horseshoe Bend, so figure another 7-9 degrees colder at our house.)

It has been snowing lightly, all day long.  I tried to move the Corvette around from the garage to the rear garage exit apron, but the snow was already deep enough on the unpaved back driveway that it was not interested, so we had to move everything inside the garage to drive in through the north side garage door.  I'm hoping that this isn't the start of the long hard snows.  I was hoping to give it a wax job before covering it for the winter.

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