Sunday, October 2, 2022

Was Accepting Homosexuality a Gateway Drug to Madness?

 From Queerpedia:

Transautistic (transautism) is a transabled identity referening to someone who desire/feel the need to neurologically acquire a form of autistim or to a neurological non-autistic individual who internally feel autistism or feel they should be autistic but do not recognize in symptoms of autism and do not necessarly desire to become neurologically autistic.

The only good news is that we do not understand what is wrong in someone's brain that causes autism, so brain surgery will have to wait, I think.  Imagine a society where people seek autism surgery.  Will our leaders finally say No!  I doubt it.

Wait!  Transbio?  "I feel dead!  I need surgery or drugs to help me transition.  And do not even think about discriminating against me in employment.  Customers need to get used to the smell or they are intolerant!"

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  1. Transbio? Democrats have welcomed the differentially living vote for years.