Sunday, October 23, 2022

Matted Cat

One of you recommended a Shed Ninja for dematting the fur of my 21-year-old cat, Tater.  To my surprise, I already owned one.  The bad matts would not come out that way, but a beard trimmer applied at the end of the mats big enough for mouse flotation broke up enough that I could pull the rest apart with my fingers into small clumps that fell right out.  

The Shed Ninja does what his tongue is supposed to do, removing loose fur before it sticks together.  It also breaks up the smaller matts as well.  He reached a point earlier where he fell asleep on my lap while I stroked his back and chest, producing a furstorm.  He fell asleep; if you scratched my back for 20 minutes, I would do the same.

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