Sunday, October 2, 2022

I Liked It Better When Hurricanes Were God's Judgment on Florida's Immorality

10/1/22 New York Daily News:

"But a pair of failed 2020 Republican political candidates shared some hot air with their followers this week that weather machines operated by the “Deep State” are to blame for Hurricane Ian cancelling parts of Florida and South Carolina over the past 48 hours."

"She also wondered if Florida, where weather conditions and geography make the state vulnerable to big storms, is being targeted by the Deep State’s weather machines to punish Republican governor Ron DeSantis, who’s widely regarded as a GOP favorite in the 2024 presidential election."

1.8% of the vote: obviously a very important politician.

At least they are not blaming God.

I had never heard of these loons until today.  I hope not to hear of them again.


  1. You realize of course that because one loonie said this, EVERY Republican voter is held to constructive knowledge and agreement with her.

    1. Yes. My daughter's antisocial media friends say it so it must be generally believed by all Republicans.