Friday, October 7, 2022

Improvised Fallout Shelter Cramer

Looking at the surroundings to the master closet mentioned here, I just realized two more categories of existing shielding.  To the west is the washer and dryer in the laundry room.  Neither is a vast amount of steel, but combined they are probably an inch of steel.  To the northeast is a 300 pound Browning gun safe with easily a hundred pounds of guns.  Again, not a huge amount of shielding, but that is a direction where distance and downward slope of the ground is providing advantage.

Just a reminder: your tax dollars paid for this very useful guide to making improvised fallout shelters.


  1. Not sure how you get an inch thickness of steel from a washer and dryer....most are made from quite thin sheet metal, the structure provides the stiffness.

    If you haven't already, the shelter designs here are quite acceptable if you have time.

    1. I may have overstated it, but the drum inside the washer is not thin. Nor is the one in the dryer.

    2. I have a copy of Kearney's book. I am not sure that I am physically up to the task. One of my dogs has been trying to go antipodal for a couple years but not in any particularly directable way,