Monday, April 4, 2016

Press Fit

I have been wanting to replace the white plastic parts of the ScopeRoller product with aluminum and have a very nice tight fit that makes the screws suspenders on a belt.

I heated up the sleeve in a 400 degree oven, which enlarged the sleeve 0.34%, then slid the sleeve inside, and rubber hammered it flush.  I don't know that I could hammer this out.  Even heating might not do the trick because heat on the sleeve will rapidly transfer to the insert and expand it almost as fast.

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James Gibson said...

All comes down to what the insert is made of. If its aluminum, like the sleeve then yes it will expand at the same rate as the aluminum. If its something like Stainless Steel then it will expand based on the expansion coefficient for Stainless which will be less then that of the Aluminum. The key question is what is the insert